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Coheed And Cambria Are Teaming Up With NECA To Make Toys

Claudio Sanchez reveals that the band is currently prototyping Coheed And Cambria action figures

Fans who tuned in to our streamed interview with Claudio Sanchez yesterday were gifted some especially thrilling news from the Coheed And Cambria frontman and comic book author: his band are now developing toys.

Claudio stopped by our Brooklyn office to chat with Kerrang!’s very own Ethan Fixell for our In Conversation series about the band’s new album, The Unheavenly Creatures, and the entire history of the band. Fans submitted questions for Claudio and the singer dove deep, even reflecting upon the early days when the band was called Shabütie.

But towards the end of the interview, a question from a fan named Joanne about what the future holds especially sparks Claudio’s excitement: “You’ve done music, you’ve done comics – what artistic medium would you like to get into next?”

Claudio responds, “I would like to branch out into some sort of toy situation. We’ve done vinyl toys for a comic that is unrelated to the Amory Wars… and we’re in the process of doing something at the moment.”

After a bit of pressure to give up the goods, he lets it slip that the band is in the process of prototyping Coheed And Cambria action figures with NECA – the National Entertainment Collectibles Association, one of the largest manufacturers of wholesale licensed merchandise in the world.

I’m really excited,” he admits, more than once.

Watch the whole interaction below! And if you want to skip ahead, the question starts at around 47:55.

It’s safe to say we’d buy them. Fingers crossed the Coheed camp releases more info soon.

Posted on February 6th 2019, 2:00pm
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