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Comedian Ed Gamble Launches Heavy Metal Podcast

Ed Gamble’s new podcast Lifers features interviews with lifelong heavy metal legends

Comedian and heavy metal superfan Ed Gamble has launched his own interview podcast on Spotify.

Titled Lifers, Ed will chat to some of heavy music’s most famous names, discussing their love of metal and what they’ve sacrificed to make it this far.

“Despite looking like a Christian, I am metal to my molten core,” says Ed. “The opportunity to meet so many ironclad legends of the scene, and find out what keeps them battling through it all, was a massive treat.

I can’t wait for metalheads and normalheads alike to hear what we’ve managed to capture. To be fair, I don’t make myself look more metal by using phrases like ‘massive treat’ do I?”

Speaking to Kerrang! last year, Ed explained that his love for heavy music came through the nu-metal boom, discovering bands like System Of A Down and Slipknot before gravitating into even darker realms.

“To me heavy metal is the stench of stale lager, being soaked with sweat and hugging a man you’ve never met before who has a faded tattoo of a sexy vampire lady, while you’re both singing along to a song about an imaginary sword,” said Ed. “That and good music.”

In the first episode of Lifers, available below, Ed chats to Diamond Head mainman Brian Tatler. In the coming weeks he’ll chat to Dani Filth, Grim Reaper’s Steve Grimmett and more.

And Conjurer do the theme tune, which is pretty awesome.

Posted on March 24th 2020, 11:39am
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