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Corey Taylor Explains To Clown Why There Was No Way” His Solo Music Was Gonna Fit With Slipknot”

Corey Taylor guests on Slipknot bandmate Clown’s Electric Theater podcast, and discusses his upcoming solo album CMFT.

By now, you’ll likely have already heard Corey Taylors first two solo singles – CMFT Must Be Stopped and Black Eyes Blue – and understood that this music has a totally different feel to anything the musician has done before. But in a fascinating new chat with Slipknot bandmate Clown, Corey has gone into detail about precisely why the material that makes up his debut solo record CMFT is such a different entity” to that of the masked metal titans.

Speaking on Clown’s recently launched The Electric Theater podcast, Corey explains why he didn’t just use the solo material that he was working on for the Knot or Stone Sour, and that, for a long time, he was absolutely content with bouncing back and forth” between the two bands. More recently, however, he had started to feel the need to scratch a different creative itch.

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It was weird – it was like I was trying to fill in an empty space in that artistic spot in my heart, and I knew that, obviously, there was no way it was gonna fit with Slipknot because it’s just such a different entity,” he says (via Ultimate Guitar).

Corey adds that it didn’t make sense to start a third banner under which to release this CMFT material – and instead he just accepted that the focus would have to be on him this time around, and that’s why this music would solely take his name. 

There’s no reason for me to start another band,” he says. At this point, it’s gonna be the Corey Taylor show regardless, so I might as well just kind of take the helm and embrace it. It was really as simple as that. It really wasn’t because I necessarily needed to be out front more cause I’m out front anyway – with both bands. I’ve got that more. I’ve done the work, just as much as anybody else, and I was fine with it. 

So it really kind of came down to the definition of what the project needed to be, honestly, for it to be taken seriously. And it came down to just me embracing the fact that it was gonna be a solo project.”

Listen to the full, in-depth conversation between Clown and Corey below:

CMFT is out on October 2 via Roadrunner Records – get your copy here.

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Posted on August 27th 2020, 4:04p.m.
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