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Corey Taylor Shares Live Video Of Samantha’s Gone From The Forum

Watch Corey Taylor and his solo band perform Samantha’s Gone as part of last month’s epic Forum Or Against ’Em livestream.

Following his rock’n’roll-tastic Forum Or Against ’Em livestream last month, Corey Taylor has unveiled a new live video from the explosive Los Angeles set: Samantha’s Gone.

The track is taken from Corey’s 2020 debut solo album CMFT, with the musician premiering the entire record live for the first time during the set, as well as performing a bunch of cool covers, plus songs by Slipknot and Stone Sour.

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In an unread excerpt from Corey’s Kerrang! Cover Story earlier this year about all things CMFT, the musician proudly stated that he thought Samantha’s Gone was the song that best summed up the spirit of the record.

“Everybody who hears it keeps coming back and going, ‘Fuck! That god-damn song is stuck in my head! That chorus is stuck in my fucking head!’” he grinned. “Which makes me laugh, because it’s such a sticky tune, you know? And it was a song that so many people turned down… I actually offered that song to a bunch of different bands over the last 15 years, and nobody wanted to use it, which is funny. Obviously I stuck it in my back pocket and was like, ‘Well, fuck you motherfuckers, I’m gonna use it.’ And that’s kind of what this album represents: songs that people weren’t really vibing on, and yet they’re gonna be some of the biggest songs of my career, let’s put it that way. That one really kind of sums up where I’m at in my life, too.”

Watch Corey and his band performing Samantha’s Gone below:

Posted on November 20th 2020, 11:37am
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