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Cristina Scabbia On Coronavirus: “The Whole World Is Involved And [Italy] Didn’t Create This Virus”

Lacuna Coil vocalist Cristina Scabbia has thanked fans for their well-wishes after cancelling touring plans, as well as defended her home country of Italy.

Cristina Scabbia of Italian gothic metallers Lacuna Coil has defended her country in regards to the current global outbreak of coronavirus, clarifying that, “Not ‘every single Italian is close to death’ as some articles want you to believe”.

Though the the BBC reports today (March 9) that there have sadly been 366 confirmed deaths in Italy – making it the second worst-hit country in the world after China – the vocalist has reassured fans that both her and the band “are doing well” and they keep living their lives “knowing that coronavirus does not automatically equal death”.

I am getting lots of concerned messages about our health and I feel blessed knowing we are so loved,” Cristina writes on Instagram.

I really, really want to take a minute to THANK YOU all.

Despite news spreading fear (sometimes panic) around the world , Italy has not become like in Resident Evil and not “every single Italian is close to death” as some articles want you to believe, even if of course we are very active and attentive in preventing any case without hiding our heads under the sand.

We, in the band, are doing well and we keep on living our lives, knowing that even if coronavirus does NOT automatically = death, it is still important to protect whoever is more exposed or is more frail against viruses (especially elders with pathologies and anyone with preconditions) and to prevent any kind of spreading for the world’s good.

I am confident that the moment will pass for us all soon, and I have faith in our health system that WANTS to search for ill people IN ORDER TO HELP AND CURE , being very transparent and not hiding results for the rest of the world, because in case you didn’t notice, the whole world is involved and we didn’t create this virus, we are fighting it.

We love you all, see you around the world (hopefully) soon, in the meantime, I will keep on enjoying my beautiful country I love so much and its amazing (and healthy) food.”

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Last week, Lacuna Coil cancelled shows in Dubai, Bangkok, Melbourne, Sydney, Tokyo, Osaka, Singapore and Jakarta due to the health and travel concerns related to the virus.

They join a long list of bands, including Green Day, Slipknot and Trivium, who have all been forced to do the same.

Lacuna Coil will hopefully be back in the UK this summer for Download Festival. Get your tickets here.

Download Festival 2020 Updated February 1
Posted on March 9th 2020, 3:53pm
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