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Dani Filth On The State Of Horror: It’s Getting Cooler, More Thought-Out”

Cradle Of Filth frontman Dani Filth weighs in on the state of modern horror.

If any metal singer knows a thing or two about horror, it’s Cradle Of Filth frontman Dani Filth. Over his storied career, Dani has used his band to explore topics from Lovecraftian cosmic monster to real-like serial killers like Elizabeth Bathory and the Gilles De Rais, all with Cradle’s ever-present undercurrent of gothic vampirism.

But horror fans are often really traditional, and given how much modern horror is about subverting tropes and challenging viewers — as seen in the popularity of movies like Get Out and The Cabin In The Woods — one wonders if Dani sees the progression of horror today as moving away from what makes the genre great. As it turns out, he’s 100% behind it. 

I think horror is getting cooler, and more thought-out,” says Dani when speaking to Kerrang! about Cradle’s recent U.S. tour. More off the wall, which I think is the case with music as well. Everything’s been so cross-pollinated, to the point where everything is sounding the same, and that which isn’t is just being regurgitated, with people doing reissues or redoing old movies — which isn’t always a bad thing. The recent Halloween was great, for example.”

What Dani finds especially interesting is how horror’s new directions have made it a genre unto itself once more, rather than a collection of psychological thrillers” and goofball cult classics. The good ones I’ve seen recently have all seemed to be very different. I like The Ritual, I liked Get Out, the premise of A Quite Place was cool…I like the way it’s getting back to being a genre as such. There was a time when it all sort of dissipated and no one was investing in it, and now it’s a bit more a genre.” 

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Posted on April 25th 2019, 8:39p.m.
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