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Danzig Shares Stills From Upcoming Movie Based On His Comics

Original horror punk Glenn Danzig has shared photos from Verotik, the upcoming film based on his erotic horror comics.

Among the many comic books released by rock stars, some of the darkest and more bizarre come from Glenn Danzig’s horror imprint Verotik. The comics included lascivious superheroes and heroines like Satanika and the Albino Spider of Dajette. Now, Danzig is directing an anthology horror film based on the imprint’s titles, and has just released early stills from the film via the Danzig Facebook page.

While the top and bottom images in the post are hard exactly to lock down, the middle picture is almost certainly from the Albino Spider of Dajette:

1126819 Albino Spider 1 01

How Danzig’s comics will come to life onscreen remains to be seen. For a little taste of what you’re about to see, check out the animated trailer for the Verotik comic Satanika that premiered in 1998, shortly before the imprint went defunct.


PHOTO: Paul Brown

Posted on February 25th 2019, 8:55pm
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