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Dave Grohl And Nandi Bushell Agree To Write Song Together As They Meet For The First Time

Watch Dave Grohl and young rockstar-in-the-making Nandi Bushell hang out (virtually) – and plot their next moves…

As if the story of Dave Grohl and Nandi Bushell couldn’t get more brilliant, the pair have decided that – after battling it out via the drums – they are actually now going to join forces write a song together.

The Foo Fighters frontman and 10-year-old superstar Nandi met up online thanks to the New York Times recently, with the young drummer calling it “one of the best experiences” of her life. “Dave Grohl is so awesome, kind and friendly!” she enthused. “I can’t believe he wants to write a song with me and asked me to perform onstage with the Foo Fighters!”

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As well as inviting Nandi to collaborate on music together, he requested that she perform live with the Foos in the UK when the time is finally right after the pandemic – “but it has to be at the end of the set because you’re going to steal the show,” Dave smiled.

And, on top of providing fans online (and, hopefully in the future, in real life) a source of comfort and entertainment through their drum battles this year, Dave reveals that his online trade-offs with Nandi also helped him personally and professionally, too.

What I realised was more than any sort of technical contest, this was something that was bringing people a lot of joy at a time where everyone could use a little bit,” he explained. “It actually changed the way I look at what my band does in this time.”

As ever, this is heartwarming stuff. Check out Dave and Nandi’s meet-up below – and see if you’re not grinning ear-to-ear the whole entire time…

Posted on November 10th 2020, 12:20pm
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