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Dave Mustaine Has Been Recording Vocals For The New Megadeth Album

The new Megadeth album is underway, with Dave Mustaine laying down his vocals in lockdown.

Dave Mustaine has clearly been using his time in lockdown wisely, revealing as of May 6 that he’s been tracking vocals for the new Megadeth album.

The frontman posted a photo from a makeshift vocal booth in his home studio on social media, teasing that he’s laying down some vocals today!” with the hashtag #Megadeth16 – the new record being the band’s 16th.

It’s an album that’s been in the works for quite a while already, with the California thrashers discussing how it was shaping up early last year. At the time, Dave told us the LP was sounding heavy as hell”, according to his son who had heard the material.

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We’re trying to keep with that real heavy thing,” he explained. “[2016 album] Dystopia was more of us doing what makes us feel good; there’s a lot of super heavy, fast drumming at the end of some songs. My son was in here two days ago and when we were doing Dystopia he was listening to the songs and making comments, and the ones he commented on were the ones that got the best response. 

When he came over this time, we were working on a song that has the tentative title The Dogs Of Chernobyl, and the intro riff has kind of a Hungarian guitar part, kind of like something Mercyful Fate did on Into The Coven. The song comes in super powerful and strong, and my son goes, Oh god that’s heavy as hell!’ and I just started laughing.”

In a career-spanning interview with Kerrang! more recently, Dave revealed that he still has a couple of goals left. I’d like to be in the Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame at some point. I know I’m there already with Metallica, whether they invited me or not; I feel everybody knows that was a chump move and I should have been there. But that’s okay, I’ll get there. We have plenty more records and tours left in us. I feel like my band are really just getting started!”

Check out Dave in action below:

Posted on May 7th 2020, 5:27p.m.
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