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Deftones Are Teasing A New Single, Genesis

Watch the intriguing teaser for Deftones’ new single Genesis, due out this Friday.

Ahead of the release of upcoming album Ohms on September 25, Deftones are set to unveil a brand-new single, Genesis, this week.

The Sacramento titans’ latest effort will be available to hear from 9pm/11pm LA and Mexico City time on Thursday evening, and later on throughout September 18 for the rest of the world (5am London, 2pm Sydney, 1pm Tokyo).

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Recently discussing the sound of the record as a whole, frontman Chino Moreno pondered, “‘Heavy’ is kind of subjective”, adding that, “The last thing I ever want to do is be quoted saying, ‘This is our heaviest record!’ The first thing that’s going to happen is some dude’s going to be like, ‘No way dude! This is…’ You know what I mean? It’s kind of subjective.”

Chino did say, however, that Ohms has “got a little more energy. I think that is attributed to everybody being engaged completely. Everybody firing on all cylinders. There’s not one of us individually that was sort of sitting back just going along. Everybody was very present physically and emotionally, ready to work and to put the work in.”

Check out the teaser for Genesis below:

Posted on September 16th 2020, 12:46pm
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