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Deftones Release Another Beer With Belching Beaver Brewery

Featuring notes of coconut, coffee and maple syrup.

Deftones have announced the release of their third beer in partnership with the charmingly named Belching Beaver Brewery. Good Morning Beautiful takes its name from the band’s 2003 track of the same name and is a brown ale that features notes of coconut, coffee and maple syrup. It’ll be shipping throughout the US over the next two weeks.

The bottling process is a mesmerising watch:

Deftones first collaboration, Phantom Bride IPA, was released in 2016. The band’s second beer collaboration is called Swerve City IPA, named after the band’s Koi No Yokan single Swerve City.

Deftones Beer
Posted on February 26th 2018, 2:12pm
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