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Deftones Release New Song, Genesis

Listen to Genesis, the second single from Deftones’ upcoming album Ohms

One week before new album Ohms is finally released, Deftones have dropped a video for new track Genesis.

After days of teasing, the alt.metal legends have released the second new track from their upcoming ninth studio album – due for release on September 25.

New single, Genesis, is the opening track to Ohms. As revealed in our Deftones Cover Story, the track had a complete overhaul from its original beginnings, and the screamed vocals were first demoed at frontman Chino Moreno’s house over Christmas when he decided he didn’t like his initial approach on the song as it had already been recorded.

Check out the Sebastian Kökow-directed music video below.

Speaking earlier this week, Chino explained his joy for getting the band back together like the old days.

“As a band, we were all getting along very well, and we were having fun,” he said. “Even before Terry [Date, producer] came in, I just hit up Stephen [Carpenter, guitar] on the side, I was like, ‘Hey man, let’s go hang out in LA. I’ll fly down, me and Abe [Cunningham, drums]. Let’s just play together.’ I really wanted it be to like how it was when we were kids in the garage, making something out of nothing together.”

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Posted on September 18th 2020, 11:15am
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