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DeGreaser’s New Video Is A Florida Police Blotter For The Eyes

Exclusive: The latest video from Ben Katzman’s DeGreaser is like being eaten by an alligator at Disneyworld.

If the sexy sax man from The Lost Boys got really into NOLA sludge metal, the result would sound like DeGreaser. Fronted by the inimitable Ben Katzman (also known for his work with psych-rock band Guerilla Toss, as well as being the founder of BUFU Records), the band play raw, phlegmy hard rock with a brutal simplicity that complements their sleazed-out lyrics. The result sounds like the Melvins if they’d been raised in a Miami trailer park.

De Greaser Florida Man Single Cover

DeGreaser’s new video for their track Florida Man is a vision of life in the Sunshine State. Armed with his trademark overalls, a guitar, and a penchant for human flesh, Katzman wanders the sands of Florida seeking the ultimate shred party. Along the way, he lights his crotch on fire, stuffs mush in his mouth, throws the horns at a horrific car accident, and twirls around in circles, showcasing exactly what being a Florida man is all about.

“Florida is the land of insanity that was once was cut off from the outside world,” says Katzman. “If it weren’t for the insanity of the face-eating, crocodile stealing, power partying people of this great state, Florida might have never made the mainstream map at all! Florida is packed with ssik bands and ssik people and I just hope people start to realize how awesome this tropical wasteland is. This video is my tribute to the waves Florida has made in the last few years, from gnarly alligators to ssik rock shows. It ain’t just the home to Disney World, Florida Man 4 Lyf!”

Watch our exclusive premiere of DeGreaser’s Florida Man video below:

DeGreaser’s Florida Man is available for digital download.

Make sure to take off your shirt and puke in your Marlins cap at one of DeGreaser’s live appearances below:


08 - Brooklyn, NY @ The Broadway
09 - Rockaway Beach, NY @ Whit’s End
10 - Rutland, VT @ Camp Grandchamp
13 - Miami, FL @ Gramps
14 - Miami Beach, FL @ The North Beach Bandshell

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Posted on November 7th 2019, 4:00pm
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