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Deliveroo Is Looking For A ‘Festival Food Taster’

Are Deliveroo offering the best job of the summer?

UK food delivery service Deliveroo has posted a job that basically says you can travel around the country all summer eating food and generally having a good time.

Errr… wut?

Deliveroo say they’re looking for a Festival Food Taster, which sounds suitably vague enough, but goes on to say the role involves “travelling to and attending some of England and Ireland’s most renowned music festivals, and investigatively consuming the food offerings that are present at them.”

As recent festival-goers will know, the days of dodgy burger vans are long gone, and have been replaced by gourmet meat feasts and a plethora of vegan options. If you’re hungry at a festival this summer, you will definitely find something to satisfy you, unless you’re super fussy and probably not much of a laugh.

The job posting goes on to say that you need “18+ years experience of living in the world and loving it” along with a great sense of adventure. So basically, anyone over the age of 18 who likes going to festivals.

“We love our festivals, just like we love our food. We want to reward one lucky festival fanatic with the job of a lifetime, combining both,” said a Deliveroo spokesperson.

“We’re seeking someone who shares Deliveroo’s innovative flair – happy to sample new and exciting foods and report on them, while having a good time of course.”

Of course, this isn’t just a jolly (although it’s almost definitely 99% just partying near food), as Deliveroo say the Festival Food Taster’s feedback will help the team decide which restaurants to offer a Deliveroo Editions kitchen to, and help them expand.

You can apply to be a Festival Food Taster now.

Header Image: Nat Wood

Posted on February 19th 2019, 12:23pm
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