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DevilDriver Announce New Album, Dealing With Demons I

Listen to DevilDriver’s new single Keep Away From Me, taken from their upcoming album Dealing With Demons I.

While many bands are pushing back album release dates and holding off on announcement plans, DevilDriver are steaming forwards with the news of their upcoming album Dealing With Demons I (the first part of a twin-album project).

The record is due out on October 9 via Napalm (pre-order it here), and is led with brand-new single and video, Keep Away From Me.

Discussing the track, frontman Dez Fafara reveals: “I’ve been social distancing since I was born. I’ve learned to try and embrace my Agoraphobia all my life. This is what the lyrics are about as we are all sheltered in place. They seem very clear. Now is not the time bands should shy away from the obvious, by trying to push the narrative through their art as if everything is alright with the world and ‘it’s metal video visual as usual time’, as it is clearly not that time.

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“We as artists should speak up, inspire and change lives, or paint a picture – a time capsule if you will – by the narrative we push in uncertain times. This video is one such art piece as my band and thousands of others are forced into quarantine – cannot rehearse, take photos, or perform – to make a music video for the very people that have supported us for years. It’s trying times for the world and my outlook through this video is simply this: ‘Here’s what we are going through as a family on this planet and as we embrace what is yet to come… please stand together.’”

Talking about the record as a whole, Dez reveals of his mindset going into it: “I said to the guys, ‘If we just met today, what kind of music would we make? How would we stand the test of time, stand apart from others and stand above the competition? Let’s not focus on the past sound. Instead let’s kick into the future together.’”

Check out Keep Away From Me below:

Posted on May 21st 2020, 4:19pm
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