Slipknot's unknown new member in May 2019, photographed exclusively for Kerrang! by Paul Harries
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Did Slipknot Accidentally Reveal The Identity Of Tortilla Man?

Has Slipknot’s merch store unwittingly unmasked the band’s newest member?

Since joining the ranks of Slipknot last year for We Are Not Your Kind, the identity of The Nine’s new percussionist has been the subject of debate. Maggots across the world have been scouring the internet for more information on the affectionately named Tortilla Guy, and when Kerrang! asked Clown about The Knot’s new drummer he said it’s nobody’s fucking business.”

But now it appears that the new man’s identity has been revealed via the band’s merch store. Launching a new virtual pop-up shop this weekend – to mark one year since the release of We Are Not Your Kind – the band unveiled a series of neck gaiters relating to each member. And, as many eagle-eyed fans noticed, Tortilla Guy’s gaiter was described as Pfaff Neck Gaiter Face Cover”.

Who is Pfaff? Well, last year, Reddit sleuths determined that Michael Pfaff – drummer in Clown’s Dirty Little Rabbits – side-project was the new masked percussionist. And earlier this year, a Slovenian cave posted a photo of Clown, Jay Weinberg and a man who appears to be Michael Pfaff paying a visit while on tour.

So is it him? Or is this all a series of double and triple bluffs by the band trying to throw Maggots off the scent? Surely such a closely-guarded secret hasn’t been given away on a neck gaiter listing? The item itself has been changed to say New Guy Neck Gaiter Face Cover”, but who knows. Stay tuned to Kerrang! for the latest on this mystery tubthumper.

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Posted on August 10th 2020, 11:17a.m.
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