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Director Adam Mason: Working With Deftones’ Chino Moreno Was “An Amazing Feeling”

Horror director Adam Mason describes what it was like to work on a film with Deftones’ Chino Moreno.

In February of this year, it was announced that Deftones frontman Chino Moreno would provide the score to I’m Just Fucking With You, the April Fool’s Day-themed episode of Hulu’s horror film series Into The Dark. For Adam Mason, the director of the film (as well as the director of Alice In Chains’ new serialized video series Black Antenna), working with Chino didn’t just mean creating a score with a high-profile musician, it meant working with one of his musical idols

“If there was one album I could do the same thing [as Black Antenna] for, it would be White Pony by Deftones,” Adam said in an exclusive conversation with Kerrang! “It would just be amazing. It would definitely be that one.”

When it came time to hire someone to score I’m Just Fucking With You, Adam immediately thought of Chino, but wasn’t sure Moreno would do it.

“I got hired on the movie, and since I’m so obsessed with music, I was wondering who I would hire,” he says. “That was the first name that came to my head, so I called his manager.”

Not only was the Deftones singer down for the project, and Adam was surprised to discover that he was a consummate professional. “An hour later, I got a response that Chino would love to do it, and I was just like, ‘Fuck.’ Then a few days later, he sent me 25 bits of music, like ideas and such, and it was just so insane to me. It was an amazing feeling.

With that, I was having to give him notes, but I really wanted him to do his thing,” adds the director. “We had conversations on how I wanted the soundtrack to be, but he mostly went off and did his own thing.”

“It’s been the same with Jerry and the guys in Alice in Chains,” says Adam. “It all just means a whole lot to me.”

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Posted on May 6th 2019, 5:21pm
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