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Exclusive: Desert Storm Stream New Album Sentinels

The band also give us their top seven tips on how to survive as a DIY band.

Ahead of the release of their new album Sentinels, DIY metallers Desert Storm are streaming their new LP exclusively with Kerrang! a day early. The record is set to drop on March 16 through APF Records, but you can get it in your ears now before anyone else.

“Sentinels, is the heaviest and darkest album yet from Desert Storm,” says guitarist Ryan Cole. ”Nine of the ten tracks were recorded in Hackney by Jamie Dodd (Orange Goblin) and ‘Journeys End’ was recorded by Steve ‘Geezer’ Watkins at Wordworm studios (where Sabbath’s Tony Iommi has also recorded) - the album is full of colossal riffs, and aggression. It’s a heavy metal album through and through..there are elements of sludge, stoner, post rock, thrash and hardcore. The album has lots of dynamics keeping it an interesting listen.”

The lyrical themes are bleak and focuses on many topics including mental health, addiction, and reclusiveness & isolation amongst others.”

Listen to Sentinels below:

The band also told us the seven golden rules for surviving in a DIY metal band…


Throughout this bands existence this has always remained a key thing in order to make it work. We have always had to make things happen ourselves…true DIY. You can’t always rely on others to make things happen for you. Nobody owes you anything, and for most bands it won’t be given to you on a plate.”

In this industry, whilst there are a lot of people – management / agents etc that are willing to support and help bands, there are some corrupt people ready to exploit young, naive and enthusiastic bands. So our advice…do your homework and don’t jump into making rash decisions.”

One important thing to understand when being in a band, is the financial impact it can have your your lives as individuals. Many people don’t realise the costs - rehearsals, equipment, servicing equipment, transport, merch etc etc. You have to be prepared to dig into your own pockets at times to keep things moving. Being sensible with the bands money and personal accounts is another essential rule of surviving in a DIY metal band.”

Being in a DIY band brings with it a lot of pressures. With some of these pressures it can at times make you forget why you started in the first place - the enjoyment of playing and creating music with close friends. As long as this remains prominent, that’s all that counts! No matter how far the band progresses, this should always be the most important thing.”

This is essential! Since day one Ryan & Elliot  have always networked with people both on social media & in person. They set up a promotion/booking company under the name of Buried in Smoke and that currently is the reason why we are able to tour across Europe, by building up a wide list of contacts. The important thing here is to be pro-active and find these contacts, make things happen… believe.”

Very few bands become overnight successes. Being in a DIY band requires patience & perseverance. In the process of trying to expand your bands profile, you have to be prepared to deal with setbacks along the way. Disappointments & losses are all things that a band will face. Keep the faith, believe and don’t let these disappointments consume you.”

As a DIY band you will maybe have dealings with agents & managements along the way…If things don’t work out for whatever reason, always be professional and leave on good terms, as you never know what opportunities might re-occur in the future. The music industry is a tight knit community and a bad reputation can spread fast.” 

Posted on March 15th 2018, 12:00pm
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