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Exclusive: Enterprise Earth Embrace Darkness In New Video

The new video by Washington death metallers Enterprise Earth is a creeping, shadowy rager.

Something Spokane, Washington, death metal crew Enterprise Earth do well is skirting the edges of darkness without going full dinner theater. The band’s music is both brutal and brooding, heavy with atmosphere and evil; yet the band’s presence is never overwrought or loaded with baroque symbolism and imagery that makes it all feel like shtick. As such, their upcoming new album Luciferous, though outwardly satanic, has its own brand of darkness that speaks to the band’s hard-hitting sound.

The new Enterprise Earth video, Sleep Is For The Dead, communicates the band’s stripped-down sense of darkness well. It’s a performance video, but one that sees the dudes in Enterprise Earth bathed entirely in shadow, surrounded by strange equipment and coiling chains. Are the band in a meat locker, or a morgue? Are they playing violent aggressors, or are they already dead and looming around this horrible place? It’s never clear, but something about the setting and performance still exudes considerable menace.

Watch Sleep Is For The Dead below:

Take a look at Luciferous’ strangle creepy cover below:

Enterprise Earth Cover

Enterprise Earth’s Luciferous drops April 5, 2019 via Entertainment One and Good Fight Music, though it’s available for pre-order now.


PHOTO: Dana Willax

Posted on February 26th 2019, 2:00pm
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