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Exclusive: Thoughtcrimes (Ex-Dillinger Escape Plan) Are Here To Crush

The new single by Thoughtcrimes, the new band from Dillinger Escape Plan drummer Billy Rymer, is a satisfying rager.

It should surprise no one that Thoughtcrimes are incredible, punishing, and a lot of fun to listen to. The band features among its ranks Billy Rymer, drummer for New Jersey mindbenders Dillinger Escape Plan, whose MO was always to push genre boundaries while still making entertaining music. But plenty of second acts have turned out poorly, so to hear Thoughtcrimes’ new EP, and finding it to be on this level of destructive and enjoyable, is incredibly exciting.

“This whole thing started from a conversation nearly five years ago about building a platform for creative freedom,” says Billy of the band. “We’re fortunate to have found a team of like minded individuals willing to take risks and further explore the realm of possibility.”

One spin of the band’s new track Artificer proves that Billy’s assessment isn’t just lip service. Filled with pendulous riffs, throttling percussion, and a haunting mixture of shrieked and keened vocals, Thoughtcrimes’ first single is both daring in its originality and deeply satisfying in its raw power. While many modern bands seem to fight for a place within a specific genre niche, Thoughtcrimes appear to want them all at once.

It’s about harnessing your experiences with physical violence and emotional tribulation as tools for your personal liberation,” says vocalist Rick Pepa of the track, “instead of weapons of self destruction. “

Put away anything breakable and check out to Artificer below:

Look for Thoughtcrimes’ new EP later this year from Party Smasher Inc. If you want to keep up with the band, you can keep up with them via their Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook pages.

Posted on February 22nd 2019, 6:00pm
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