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Fall Out Boy’s Joe Trohman Is Selling 27 Of His Guitars

An excessive amount of guitars? Not at all.

Fall Out Boy six-stringer Joe Trohman is selling a whopping 27 guitars, simply because he reckons he has too many (we respectfully disagree there, tbh).

Selling of bunch of weird, and not weird, gear on my shop again!” the guitarist posted on Twitter. “Why? Cause I have TOO much shit that I never use, and would love it if someone would actually do something cool with it.”

The shop itself says: “Joe is a huge gearhead and has gone through his share of pro-level equipment over years of international touring and the construction of his own studio. Take a look at the items for sale on Joe’s shop for your chance to own a little piece of Fall Out Boy history.”

Sounds good. Check out what you can pick up at this link.

While we’re here, let’s all remind ourselves of that time Joe shredded one of his many axes on top of Pete Wentz’ coffin in the video for This Ain’t A Scene, It’s An Arms Race.

Lovely stuff.

Posted on January 4th 2019, 3:00pm
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