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Fan Kicked Out Of The Toronto Slayer Show Attempted To Swim Back Into The Venue

We salute his commitment to metal.

A man attending Tuesday’s Slayer show at the Budweiser Stage in Toronto, Ontario got kicked out of the venue for an undisclosed reason.

In normal circumstances, said man might stomp around outside the venue for a bit screaming about how unfair everyone had been to him, or he’d wait for his friends at a bar, or maybe he’d just slink straight home feeling embarrassed. This particular venue, however, is located on an island, so when this man was removed, he heroically attempted to swim his way back in.

Sadly, he was not successful, Anthrax’s Scott Ian managed to snap photos of the authorities apprehending him when he reached the shore and EMT’s carting him off for treatment for potential hypothermia. From his Instagram:

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Good effort.

Posted on June 1st 2018, 11:47am
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