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FEVER 333 Have Released A New Song, SUPREMACY

Listen to FEVER 333’s new track SUPREMACY, which was first debuted during their stunning Long Live The Innocent livestream last week.

After last week’s incredibly moving Long Live The Innocent livestream in which FEVER 333 debuted a new song, SUPREMACY, the band have now unveiled the official studio version of the track.

Opening with the words, ‘Born into a world / Where we’re dying to be free / But we’re living underneath their supremacy,’ it’s instantly another vital message from the California trio, and with lyrics like, ‘Tell me, can you hear us? / Through the sounds of the sirens / And you wondering why / The streets getting violent,’ it’s a strikingly and sadly relevant reflection of the world we’re all living in right now.

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Following the death of George Floyd and the protests that soon followed, Kerrang! spoke to FEVER 333 frontman Jason Aalon Butler about justice, and how rock much “never shows up for black people”.

“Rock music specifically has benefitted from black bodies from the beginning of times, and it never shows up for black people,” he said. “The [rock media] has benefitted off of black culture and black music, and they need to continue to represent black culture in a way that is positive and understood. They should show up for black people, show up for trans people, show up for immigrant people, show up for everybody that literally helped comprise this music. Rock music has become homogenised, and very, very safe and it typically looks like a white, hetero normative male – and that is not rock music.”

Listen to SUPREMACY below:

Wondering how you can make a difference?

• Donate to George Floyd’s memorial fund.
Fight for Breonna Taylor, a first responder who was killed in her bed by police searching for drugs that were never found.
Help the family of Ahmaud Arbery, a black man who was shot while jogging.
• Donate to the community bail funds of protestors.
• Head over to Movement For Black Lives.
Connect with leaders building grassroots campaigns.
• And check out these anti-racism resources.

Posted on June 9th 2020, 12:53pm
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