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Fort Rock Fest To Give 50% Discount To Those Who Sign Gun Control Petition

This is an awesome move.

Following the horrific events of last month’s Florida high school shooting, in which 17 classmates and teachers tragically lost their lives, Fort Rock Fest have joined the long list of people taking a stand on gun control.

To help encourage change and promote awareness, the festival is offering a 50 per cent discount on general admission tickets for those who sign this Students Fighting Guns Since Adults Won’t petition.

The announcement of the initiative reads: 

To support initiatives for school safety and create awareness for efforts to promote change, the producers are offering 50% off the price of Monster Energy Fort Rock General Admission weekend tickets for those who sign the ‘Students Fighting Guns Since Adults Won’t’ petition created by high school student Julia Kemple of Kalamazoo, Michigan – and signed by 200,000+ people across the nation, in response to the Florida shootings.

Those who would like to utilise the 50% off ticket promotion simply need to send a screenshot of their signed petition or forward their confirmation email to [email protected] The promotion is available through April 1, 2018, while supplies last.

And it’s not just the festival’s promoters making their stance known: even artists playing the event, such as Stone Sour’s Corey Taylor, and Halestorm, have also joined in.

“I’m absolutely behind this movement,” Corey says. ”Not only the name itself, but the reason and the cause. As a father, my one concern is my children. The fact that no-one is doing anything worthwhile to change the horrendous laws and circumstances around these shootings is unacceptable. So if the adults can’t extricate themselves from the politics that are keeping them from ACTUALLY making a difference, I support the generation who will.”

While Halestorm add: “To all the students that have been affected by gun violence, and to students everywhere, YOU are the ones we’ve been waiting for. Our future is what YOU make it and the path is yours to blaze. YOU are the fire! We are proud to stand by you as we push to make this planet a better place. Love, Lzzy, Arejay, Joe and Josh of Halestorm.”

Let’s hope we start seeing more of this stuff across the board, and fingers crossed it makes a difference. #NeverAgain

Posted on March 8th 2018, 12:01pm
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