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FOUND: Audio From Metallica’s First Ever Show With Cliff Burton

One of the rarest live recordings of the band also features Dave Mustaine on lead guitar.

Our friends at Loudwire have dug up a pretty amazing gem: audio from Metallicas first ever show with Cliff Burton. 

Not only does this incredibly rare recording from March 5th, 1983, mark the bassist’s first live performance with the group, but it features future Megadeth founder Dave Mustaine on lead guitar.

At around the 6:20 mark, you can even hear Mustaine snarl, This next one is dedicated to this guy right here, Cliff Burton, the new rager!” before launching into a brutal rendition of Phantom Lord.

It’s one helluva raw recording, but an undeniable treasure for truly devoted fans. As one dejected collector claims in the comments section of the video’s YouTube page, I paid over $100.00 for this CD some 10 or 15 years ago, and I don’t appreciate you putting it out there for free.”

Sorry buddy, but this relic belongs to The People, now. Enjoy:

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Posted on December 25th 2018, 4:50p.m.
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