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Fred Durst: “I Still Need To Be As Creative With Limp Bizkit As Possible”

Frontman Fred Durst has spoken about creativity, not “milking it”, and Limp Bizkit’s popularity in 2019.

In a very rare new interview, Limp Bizkit frontman Fred Durst has spoken about the “mystery” surrounding the band, how he doesn’t ever want to “milk” it, and how he still craves creativity – despite it now being eight years since 2011’s Gold Cobra album.

At KROQ’s Weenie Roast speaking to Billboard, Fred reveals that Bizkit are actually appreciating their career more than ever now before, and they’re very much enjoying a “resurgence” with fans. The frontman also speaks of how he’s “waiting for a message”, and the nu-metal icons won’t ever revert to nostalgia or how they used to be.

…I consciously made an effort a while back to pull back and not milk it, not tour all year long, not put out tons of records,” he says. “I feel like a messenger; I’m waiting on the message. I’m waiting to truly feel and believe what I’m saying as shallow or deep as you may perceive it, if it means something to me, I can say it. If it doesn’t, there’s no reason for me to chalk it up and put it out.”

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Fred then expands on this integrity – and how there’s a knock-on effect financially:

Actually, believe it or not I still need to be as creative with Limp Bizkit as possible. I suffer a lot from not milking it. I mean financially there’s nothing coming in when you’re not out doing it. But I had to make that decision it’s about the integrity of it. It’s about what I believe Limp Bizkit is and what it is to me. So I suffer financially because I don’t do it. We get offered lots and lots of money and lots of things to do and I just became very good at saying no.”

Very interesting. So while there’s no news of what is actually on the horizon for Limp Bizkit (though we certainly have some thoughts), it sounds like they’re going to make their new music as genuine, worthwhile and most importantly vital as possible.

Posted on June 12th 2019, 12:11pm
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