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Gamer Somehow Plays DragonForce’s Through The Fire And Flames At 165 Per Cent On Guitar Hero

DragonForce’s notoriously difficult Through The Fire And Flames at 165 per cent on Guitar Hero? Er, count us out.

If you’ve been wondering how to appropriately pass the time during quarantine, may we recommend this video as a source of inspiration and a new mission to accomplish under lockdown: setting the new world record for DragonForces Through The Fire And Flames on Guitar Hero. (Granted, it’s a big ask.)

Mind-bogglingly fast gamer and YouTuber GHAddict has just set an unbelievably high bar on the game, playing the notoriously fiddly track at 165 per cent speed (while also looking away from the screen and even responding to comments during his livestream – what even?!).

As he casually smashes the song, he finishes up by simply stating, Well, that’s a world record (laughs). I’m gonna go piss.”

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Clocking the video, DragonForce guitarist Herman Li took to Twitter to simply state, 165% speed on GH TTFAF. What the…?”

Our thoughts exactly, sir…

Game designer Chris Vance also responded to the clip, writing underneath the video, 14 years ago when I charted this song… we almost cut it from the game because I was the only person who could beat it for the first month or two. We had to make it the credits song you couldn’t fail… because no way in hell we could put it in the main progression and expect players to beat the game… fast-forward to now and ya’ll keep blowing my mind. It’s honestly humbling to see all this awesome love and enjoyment put into our hard work. Congratulations on the new [world record]!”

Posted on May 1st 2020, 5:24p.m.
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