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Glasgow Is Getting A Nirvana-Themed Vegan Café

Tender stems in salads, possibly.

A cruelty free café” called In Bloom is coming to the streets of Glasgow soon – and just looking at the font it’s using above the window is giving us nostalgia pangs.

Course, that enthusiasm could die down somewhat if In Bloom’s fruit turns out to be bruised (groan); but for now, we’ll be giving the café the benefit of the doubt.

The café, at 48 Clarendon Place in the north west of the city centre (just outside the ring road, if you’re already making plans), hasn’t confirmed an opening date just yet – but you can bet that there’ll be demand to check out their fare based solely on their chosen inspiration. 

Look at it. Just look at it. Puts a spring (is here again) in your step, you might say, if you were desperately trying to shoehorn relevant Nirvana lyrics into this piece.

Whether or not you’ll have to actually sell your kids to afford In Bloom’s food, however, remains to be seen. Keep an eye on happenings at the café via Twitter and Facebook, even if you don’t know what it means.

Something, something, nature is a whore, something. Can we stop, now, please? Why not watch Nirvana’s In Bloom below, like you need a reminder of how good it is.

Posted on August 22nd 2017, 7:26a.m.
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