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Green Day’s Billie Joe Armstrong Releases New Cover For No Fun Fridays

No Fun Mondays has seemingly moved to later in the week – and here’s Green Day frontman Billie Joe Armstrong’s first cover for it… 

It’s been a good few weeks now since we had a No Fun Mondays release by Billie Joe Armstrong, but the Green Day frontman has now seemingly switched his lockdown series to the end of the week, unveiling a No Fun Fridays cover.

Billie’s new effort is a part of an Amazon Music series, with the vocalist/guitarist tackling Wreckless Eric’s 1977 single Whole Wide World. And Eric himself seems to dig the cover, stating: I love this. The most punk rock version ever!”

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Speaking to Kerrang! back in April about how he was spending his coronavirus lockdown (aside from his many cover songs, of course), Billie Joe revealed that there’s plenty of new Green Day material in the works.

I’ve been writing a lot of music, and I had all these melodies in my head, so I wrote, like, six songs since all of this has been going on,” he said. I don’t know when I can get together with Mike [Dirnt, bass] and Tré [Cool, drums], but I told them to make sure that they’re quarantined for now, and then I hope down the road we can get back in the studio with [Father Of All… producer] Butch Walker.”

When asked what else he was up to, Billie continued: I’ve just been indoors like everyone else on the planet right now, waiting around to see what happens next! I’ve been going through The Office a lot, going through all of my punk and rock’n’roll documentaries, trying to read a little bit here and there, and hanging out with my dogs.”

Listen to Whole Wide World below:

Posted on September 4th 2020, 4:05p.m.
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