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Hayley Williams Releases New Single And Video, Over Yet

Watch the video for Hayley Williams’ new song Over Yet, featuring a load of behind-the-scenes footage of the Paramore star.

Paramore leader Hayley Williams has just unveiled another new track from her debut solo album, Petals For Armor.

The song goes by the name Over Yet, and comes accompanied by a really great lyric video – which not only helps with singing along to the track, it also features some cool behind-the-scenes footage of the singer by Lindsey Byrnes.

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Hayley says she wrote Over Yet with writer/producer/mixer/engineer Steph Marziano and Paramore bassist Joey Howard on a “three-day writing escapade last summer”.

This one surprised us!” she reveals. “Went from industrial/punk beat to janet chorus real quick. All my faves rolled into one. Thank god for this one coming out ’cause my attitude has been shiiiit lately.”

Petals For Armor is due out on May 8 via Atlantic Records. Check out Over Yet below:

And here’s the credits for Over Yet:

In a recent interview with Zane Lowe on Apple Music, Hayley revealed she’s actually got more music in the works, and she may even get round to finishing some of this material while we’re all in self-isolation right now.

When I’m home by myself and particularly once we were finished writing After Laughter, I wrote more songs that were just me picking on my guitar, singing to myself,” she said. “I have so many unfinished things in my voice memos, and I’ve been going through those just trying to decide what of those should I maybe honour and finish. I’ve thought about getting an eight track and just doing some stuff to tape for fun. I’ve wanted to do that for years anyway.”

Bring. It. On.

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Posted on April 3rd 2020, 11:46am
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