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Hear A Day To Remember’s in-studio session for the Radio 1 Rock Show

A Day To Remember play four songs from new album You’re Welcome for BBC Radio 1’s Rock Show With Daniel P. Carter.

To celebrate the release of long-awaited new album You’re Welcome, A Day To Remember guested on the most recent episode of BBC Radio 1’s Rock Show With Daniel P. Carter to perform four songs from the record.

Jeremy McKinnon and co. hit The Audio Compound studio (owned by the frontman and producer Andrew Wade) for a live session, running through Everything We Need, Resentment, Mindreader and Re-Entry. The whole show, along with an interview with Jeremy, can be heard here, with ADTR’s first two songs starting at 42:35, and the second wave from 1:20:34.

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Speaking to Kerrang! about the making of You’re Welcome, Jeremy enthused, It definitely felt like the pressure was off, 100 per cent. But that was also just because it was such an inspiring time. And then making the album, literally like day two or three of collaborating with people where it was like, Okay, now that song is special.’ In my experience, it’s those lightning-in-a-bottle moments where the song writes itself, and it just comes from this very personal place, and the words write themselves – almost like you’re remembering it, rather than writing it for the first time. Almost every song that’s mattered in our career has happened that way. Actually, I’ve never had one that was meticulously put together that ever did that. It was cool, and there was a lot of them on this record that happened that way.”

When asked what the band’s headspace was going into it, the frontman explained, It was just, Let’s just write good songs.’ That was it. Making sure that we wrote the best songs that we could was all I cared about. After the fact, it was like, How do we make them fit within the formula that people expect and want from us?’ Of course we’re going to have those songs where it feels like it’s just a rock song, and then we’re going to have the songs that have punk and a little bit of heaviness – like Degenerates – and then we’re going to have the songs that go full-tilt heavy. It’s going to have a mix of everything.”

Posted on March 10th 2021, 2:42p.m.
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