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Hear Corey Taylor Voicing Animated Heavy Metal Kitchen Appliances

Corey Taylor voices an animated heavy metal fridge for Adult Swim’s Williams Street Swap Shop.

After famously lending his voice to Doctor Who’s Fisher King several years back, now Corey Taylor is once again putting his acting to talents to good use by starring as… some animated heavy metal kitchen appliances.

The Great Big Mouth guested on Adult Swim’s show Williams Street Swap Shop – which is the channel’s “community swap meet” – to perform with a cartoon band named Fridgey And The Burners. In the segment, Corey stars as the titular Fridgey, yelling genius lyrics such as ‘No raw meat’, ‘No leftovers’, and “the most important one of all”, ‘Shut the door’. Wise words…

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In other, non-fridge-based news, Corey will be releasing his debut solo album, CMFT, and performing a huge global livestream on October 2. Pre-order the album here, and get your tickets for Forum Or Against ’Em at watch.thecoreytaylor.com.

Check out Corey in action with Fridgey And The Burners below:

CMFT is out on October 2 via Roadrunner Records – get your copy here.

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Posted on September 17th 2020, 12:13pm
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