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Here’s Kate Nash Playing Enter Sandman On A Penny Whistle

Watch Kate Nash blast out Metallica’s Enter Sandman on her trusty penny whistle

How are you passing the hours during this time of self-isolation and social distancing? Perhaps you’re reading a magazine, listening to podcasts or watching live band performances… or maybe you’re blasting out some of heavy metal’s greatest tracks on small, woodwind instruments.

Kate Nash – singer-songwriter and also star of Netflix smash GLOW – is killing time by learning how to play Metallica’s gargantuan hit Enter Sandman on the penny whistle. And she nails it tbf.

Sharing the video on her Twitter yesterday, the video has so far been viewed over 60,000 times, and Kate has stated that she’s ready to take requests. So where do you go from Enter Sandman? Sad But True is the logical follow-up, surely, but we’re keen to see the singer take on other heavy artists. Iron Maiden’s The Trooper, maybe? Slipknot’s Wait And Bleed? Black Sabbath’s Paranoid? Basically, the coronavirus pandemic could birth a whole new subgenre of penny whistle metal, and we’re here for it.

That said, some Twitter users have suggested everything from the Welsh national anthem to the Brookside theme tune, so who knows what Kate’s follow-up hit will be.

Check out her performance below.

Posted on March 20th 2020, 11:26am
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