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Here’s Rapper Denzel Curry’s Version Of Rage Against The Machine’s Bulls On Parade

The RATM guys would approve of Denzel Curry’s furious rendition of Bulls On Parade.

We’ve seen the crossover between metal and hip-hop re-emerge pretty notably of late, with Soundcloud rappers making music and using imagery that even fans of dark satanic rock can enjoy. Now, rapper Denzel Curry has displayed his own homage to the last time that hard rock and rap slammed into one another, performing a version of Rage Against The Machine’s blistering anti-gun anthem Bulls On Parade for triple j’s Like A Version cover song series.

As you’ll hear, Denzel definitely adds plenty to the song, including his own rap verse in the middle. But most interesting is that extra bit of furious shriek he puts on the verses of the song, adding an extra metallic edge to the already-aggressive track.

Check out Denzel’s Bulls On Parade below:

Curry is definitely the kind of rapper that fans of rock and metal can get behind; though his songs might not qualify him as evil per se, he still provides electric live performances that heshers can relate to:

Posted on February 15th 2019, 8:47pm
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