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Here’s What The Weather Forecast Says For Riot Fest 2019

Catching blink-182, Slayer, and more at Riot Fest next weekend? Here’s what you should prepare for.

Next weekend marks the 15th annual Riot Fest in Chicago, Illinois, and man, does it have one doozy of the line-up. With blink-182, Bikini Kill, and Slayer’s final IL show among the top-billed acts, fans from all corners of rock’s underbelly will have something to scream along to. Oh, and the schedule is printed on beer — not a bad look.

But like any festival, weather is an issue. So what do the skies have in store for Riot Fest next weekend?

According to Weather.com, Friday, September 13, will see showers all throughout the day, with a 40% chance of rain during the day and a 10% chance at night. The high temperature will be 78* F, with a low of about 59* F, with winds coming in at about 17 mph — so definitely bring a hoodie.

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Saturday, September 14, looks better overall, with sunny and clear skies both day and night. The high temperature will be 81* F, and the low will be 66* F. Winds are also a bit gentler, averaging between 8 and 10 mph, but remember that Chicago is famous for being windy, so it might be a little more blustery than you think. Meanwhile, at night, there’s a 40% chance of rain, so the later sets this day might get a little damp.

Sunday, September 15, looked hairy earlier in the week, but are actually lightening up. There are supposed to be isolated thunder storms during the day, with a high of 83* and a low of 67* F. Sunday night, however, was expected to be stormy, but is now looking mostly clear, with winds coming in at 6 mph and a 20% chance of rain. So hopefully, those last sets won’t be washed out.

We’ll keep this post updated throughout next week to make sure it’s current, so revisit it if you need a refresher. More information about Riot Fest can be found at the festival’s website.

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Posted on September 6th 2019, 4:00pm
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