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Inside Track: Kerrang!’s New Podcast Tells The Greatest Stories In Rock

This Friday, hear the first episode of Kerrang!’s new behind-the-scenes podcast, Inside Track.

At the end of the day, our mission in Kerrang! has always been about giving rock fans a unique experience involving their favorite musicians. Whether it’s hearing a rock star’s experiences in our In Conversation series or enjoying an almost-too-intimate evening with them at our K! Pit gigs, we want music lovers to feel that breathless excitement that comes with being close to the music they love so much.

Now, we’re bringing you a new way to access the stories behind your favorite music: our new podcast, Inside Track. Every two weeks, rock’s biggest names tell the true stories behind the greatest albums and bands in the history of music. From metalcore to pop-punk, Inside Track reveals what really happened during the creation of some of history’s most important musical movements and game-changing records. Not only will rock’s most talented musicians tell their side of the story, but the managers, producers, festival organizers, and other figures behind the scenes will also describe the making of rock history.

While we can’t disclose all of the acts we have in store (nice try, you cheeky fuckers) we’re proud to announce that our inaugural episode will focus on the 25th anniversary of Korn’s debut album. This Friday, you’ll hear Jonathan Davis, guitarist Brian “Head” Welch, and producer Ross Robinson relaying how five misfits from Bakersfield with a unique, terrifying sounds took heavy metal to uncharted territory and changed the face of rock forever. We’ll also tell you about the fine print and bizarre details you may have missed that make Korn’s self-titled debut one of the most fascinating milestones in recent rock history.

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Posted on October 8th 2019, 6:45pm
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