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Jack White And Jack Black Join Forces On Tenacious D’s New Song, Don’t Blow It, Kage

Listen to Tenacious D’s new song, Don’t Blow It, Kage, featuring The White Stripes’ Jack White. (Because Jack Black and Jack White. Geddit?)

Finally, two famous musician Jacks with contrasting colours for surnames (Black and White) have collaborated on a new single, Don’t Blow It, Kage.

The track – which was teased as Jack Gray (we see what you did there, guys) earlier in the year – is now available to listen to via streaming services, having initially been released on Black Friday on a limited-edition 7-inch. The record features both artists collaborating under the Tenacious D banner, with The White Stripes’ Jack White providing producing duties and vocals.

You can grab any remaining copies of the vinyl, which is a part of Tenacious D’s Blue Series, at participating Record Store Day shops. If you wanna to get your hands on the limited-edition tri-colour variant, that’s only available in Nashville and Detroit, at Jack White’s Third Man Records.

Stream Don’t Blow It, Kage below:

In other ’D news, Kerrang! recently caught up with Jack Black and Kyle Gass for an oral history of the band’s self-titled debut album, 18 years on.

We’ve been very fortunate,” reflected Jack. “We’ve never actually had to pay any real dues. You’re supposed to spend your early years driving around in a van that you drive yourself from gig to gig, staying on people’s couches and making a little extra money by selling weed on the side. We didn’t have to do any of that. We got lucky. I don’t feel like we’re way bigger than we were back in Brixton Academy, but truth be told I like those venues better than the big festivals and ginormous, enormo-domes. They’re not quite as intimate.

Back on that first album we had to throw in every song on the album and a ton of covers just to stretch it out to have a full-length show,” he added. “We were like Billie Eilish back then, we just didn’t have enough songs to have a full show. There was a lot of banter, but now we’ve got like 15 years of rad songs to choose from and can condense it down to a greatest hits. It’s more fun now, but I do get winded a little easier. I have to pace myself. You know that song Wind Beneath My Wings? Now we have to have actual wind in the wings, like, actual oxygen tanks…”

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Posted on December 3rd 2019, 6:32pm
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