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Josh Homme and Jack White Discuss Who Would Win In A Fight Between Them

On Josh Homme’s Beats 1 show, the QOTSA frontman spoke with Jack White about who would win in a fight between the two of them.

Who do you think would win in a fight: Jack White or Josh Homme? In a recent episode of Josh’s Beats 1 show Alligator Hour, the Queens Of The Stone Age frontman talked with Jack about just that. From being an artist to having crazy fans, the two shared banter for an hour, ending on the topic of a fight.

“You know, people talk about this all the time,” exclaimed Jack bewilderedly. “Who would win in a fight between me and you?”

“You would,” was Josh’s immediate answer.

“No, absolutely not,” argued Jack.

“See, that’s so us, that we would both say the other,” said Josh.

“But I don’t know why that’s such a thing,” wondered Jack, “but I think it’s because — I don’t know — we both are like… You’re like six inches taller than me, first of all—”

“Diagonally,” said Josh.

Jack laughed, but persisted to wonder: “Why is that? Why do they want me and you to fight?”

“You know what I noticed too? We have the opposite of a rivalry,” added Josh, “in that, when I went to your birthday, we were on the same team, even when we were shooting baskets… We naturally partner up.”

It’s true: these two rock stars have got one of the most wholesome friendships around. Therefore, Josh suggested a better plan: for them to team up and fight everyone else in a staring contest.

“That’s a better question,” said Jack. “How many of you motherfuckers can me and Josh take?”

“I’m actually a hugger,” added Josh.

With that, the episode ended, leaving a lot of questions unanswered: Where is this desire for these two men to fight coming from? Who really would win in this fight? How many fans could they take down in a staring contest?

To be continued…

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Posted on July 24th 2019, 6:44pm
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