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K!1707: Don Broco Fight The Future

PLUS! Avenged Sevenfold, Fall Out Boy, Philip H. Anselmo, Lacuna Coil, HIM, The Menzingers, Asking Alexandria, Black Veil Brides and more!

Kerrang!, the greatest ever weekly rock magazine, is now available anywhere in the world when you order an issue online through Newsstand. Pretty cool, huh? 

This week we’ve got a British band making their full debut on the cover for the first time. New album Technology finds Don Broco exploring the ways in which modern advancements impact our lives. It’s not exactly what you’d expect from the party-loving Bedford band. But, as they tell Kerrang!, it was the chance for them to examine their own future as well as humanity’s…

The issue looks like this:

Don Broco Cover

Elsewhere, Avenged Sevenfold pause to reflect on their 15-year-old breakthrough record, Waking The Fallen, while Philip H. Anselmo looks ahead to yet more crushingly-heavy music with The Illegals – and, naturally, the possibility of a Pantera reunion. On top of that, Patrick Stump talks us through the music that got the Fall Out Boy hero to where he is today. 

On top of all that, Asking Alexandria and Black Veil Brides kick off their year by tearing through the UK together, while Lacuna Coil celebrate 20 years as a band, and 36 Crazyfists return for some mayhem-filled headline shows. All before that all-important second album from Waterparks gets the K-rating treatment. Spoiler: it’s very good. 

For those missing HIM and wanting to update their walls, we’ve got a poster special with snaps of Ville Valo and the gang. 

All this and more is packed into the new issue which is out on Wednesday, January 31. Make sure to pick it up from the shops then or alternatively online through Newsstand

Posted on January 30th 2018, 11:41am
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