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Kerrang!’s Bloody Massive Quiz Of 2017: The Answers

Find out how well you did…

In our Marilyn Manson double issue that we released just before Christmas, you would’ve seen Kerrang!’s Bloody Massive Quiz Of 2017. If you took part and wrote down your answers in the mag, or on some paper, you can see how well you did by cross-checking them with all the answers below:

1. Justine, Richard, Jamie, Sammy and Robbie are the members of which band, who made their K! cover debut in 2017? (Employed To Serve)
2. The Amity Affliction headlined the Kerrang! Tour, but what spot did their latest album reach in the Australian charts? (Number One)
3. All Time Low released their seventh album in 2017. What’s it called? (Last Young Renegade)
4. Foo Fighters’ album Concrete And Gold featured guest drums from which knight of the realm? (Sir Paul McCartney)
5. What stage did Neck Deep headline at Reading & Leeds in 2017? (The Lock-Up)
6. Complete this lyric from Paramore’s Hard Times: “Tell my friends / I’m coming down / We’ll kick it / When I ________” (Hit the ground)
7. Which former member of My Chemical Romance brought out the EP Keep The Coffins Coming with his current band in 2017? (Frank Iero)
8. The abbreviation AWKOHAWNOH means most to fans of what band? (PVRIS)
9. Metallica broke the attendance record for which London venue twice in 2017? (The O2)
10. Who played their first-ever shows in El Salvador, Lithuania and China as part of a 36-country tour ending in July 2017? (Iron Maiden)
11. What iconic hit did Slayer perform on The Tonight Show in July? (Raining Blood)
12. Broken Machine, the second album by Nothing But Thieves, did really well in the charts, but at what position did it peak? (Number Two)
13. What band did Sylosis frontman Josh Middleton become a full-time member of in 2017? (Architects)
14. What was unusual about Biffy Clyro’s opening act at the O2 Shepherd’s Bush Empire in February? (It was Biffy Clyro)
15. In Every Time I Die’s Map Change, with whom is the ship going down? (The captain)
16. Where would Creeper like to spend eternity? (Your arms)
17. According to the title of their latest greatest hits compilation, released in November, Green Day are the favourite band of who? (God’s)
18. Forever marked the major-label debut of which Pennsylvania hardcore band (and 2017 debut K! cover stars)? (Code Orange)
19. Which regal London venue played host to Enter Shikari, Royal Blood and Don Broco in 2017? (Alexandra Palace)
20. Weezer released Pacific Daydream in 2017. True or false: this brings their album total to a nice round ten? (False: it’s number 11)
21. Which band, hailing from the Yorkshire town of Bingley and sporting two surnames between five members, will be releasing their long-awaited second album in January? (Marmozets)
22. Which rockstar read a children’s tale – Zog, by Julia Donaldson – on CBeebies’ Bedtime Stories? (Josh Homme)
23. Which band managed to support Metallica, Guns N’ Roses, Red Hot Chili Peppers and Korn on different tours in 2017? (BABYMETAL)
24. Nine Inch Nails made an appearance as themselves in which weird-as-hell revived TV show? (Twin Peaks)
25. Which controversial rockstar was hospitalised after an accident involving stage props shaped like giant guns? (Marilyn Manson)
26. Against Me!’s Laura Jane Grace performed the theme tune to what Adult Swim cartoon in 2017? (Squidbillies)
27. Before releasing Material Control in December, how long had it been since Glassjaw put an album out? (15 years)
28. Who are Mike, Ben, Eddy and Declan better known as? (Lower Than Atlantis)
29. Waterparks’ second album was announced for a January 2018 release. What’s it called? (Entertainment)
30. This Song Is Dumb & So Am I is the subtitle of a track on whose 4K-rated 2017 album Hydrograd? (Stone Sour)
31. Black Sabbath played their final-ever show in which city in February? (Birmingham)
32. Brendon Urie and Oli Sykes ventured into the pop world and made cameo appearances in which Charli XCX video? (Boys)
33. Becky Blomfield is the lead singer of which punk band? (Milk Teeth)
34.The new vegan straight-edge hardcore band SECT features Andy Hurley on drums, best known for being in what band? (Fall Out Boy)
35. Mastodon’s Brann Dailor, Bill Kelliher and Brent Hinds appeared in the season finale of what TV show? (Game Of Thrones)
36. Burst & Decay is an acoustic EP by which pop-punk giants? (The Wonder Years)
37. Complete the title of The Xcerts’ upcoming fourth album: Hold On To Your ____ (Heart)
38. Snake Eyes, Acid Rain and Neon Rust are tracks from which punk band’s sophomore album, released in January 2017? (Frank Carter & The Rattlesnakes)
39. Deaf Havana’s James and Matthew share what surname? (Veck-Gilodi)
40. The Darkness had all their equipment nicked in Italy, and subsequently found in which European country? (France)
41. 2017 marked the final shows from The Dillinger Escape Plan, but when did they form? (1997)
42. June saw Guns N’Roses play their first UK show with the Axl-Duff-Slash line-up in how many years? (24)
43. Aaron Pauley became the lead singer of which Californian metalcore outfit in 2017? (Of Mice & Men)
44. What track from Avenged Sevenfold’s The Stage has been nominated for the Best Rock Song GRAMMY? (The Stage)
45. Whakaio Taahi announced he had left which band in 2017? (Tonight Alive)
46. You Are We is the third album by which Sheffield metalcore band? (While She Sleeps)
47. Rolo Tomassi announced that they will release Time Will Die And Love Will Bury It in March 2018. How many albums will that bring their total to? (Five)
48. What did Trivium’s Matt Heafy do on The Sin And The Sentence that he didn’t do on previous album Silence in the Snow? (Scream)
49. What is the name of Black Veil Brides’ upcoming fifth album, announced in 2017? (Vale)
50. How many Ks did Kerrang! award Converge’s 2017 album The Dusk In Us upon its release in November? (Five)
51. Prophets Of Rage – whose debut album came out in 2017 – contains members of Public Enemy, Rage Against The Machine and which other legendary hip-hop group? (Cypress Hill)
52. New Years Day’s Ash Costello’s other band, The Haxans, released their album on what appropriately spooky date in October? (Friday 13)
53. Of what band is Kaya Tarsus the lead singer? (Blood Youth)
54. The theme tune to what cheesy 1990s TV show inspired Don Broco’s T-Shirt Song, released in 2017? (Baywatch)
55. Watain, who announced in 2017 that they would soon release release their sixth album Trident Wolf Eclipse, hail from which country? (Sweden)
56. Evanescence’s drummer has the same name as the producer of their latest album. First name William, last name what? (Hunt)
57. What beloved Phil Collins hit did In This Moment cover on their 2017 album Rituals? (In The Air Tonight)
58. Me And That Man is a country/blues project from Adam “Nergal” Darski, best known as the frontman of what legendary black metal band? (Behemoth)
59. Rapper Machine Gun Kelly made an appearance on which nu-metal band’s 2017, ninth album? (Papa Roach)
60. Rancid also released their ninth album in 2017. They formed the same year Terminator 2: Judgment Day came out – when was that? (1991)
61. What kind of hymns did London trio Arcane Roots release in September in 2017? (Melancholia)
62. Did You Me At Six play Reading or Leeds first in 2017? (Reading)
63. The lead singer of the legendary Body Count also stars in which forensic-based hit TV show? (Law & Order: SVU)
68. Counterfeit vocalist Jamie Campbell Bower made his debut on the Kerrang! cover this past year. Outside of rock, he was famously in a Harry Potter film, but which one? (Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows – Part One)


1. Pennywise The Clown
2. Santa Hat
3. Green Sleeve
4. Eaddy from Ho99o9 holding a bottle of coke
5. Plain trousers on Eaddy
6. Right arm missing a tattoo on Eaddy
7. Eaddy has green highlights in his hair
8. Poster added on pillar
9. Right pillar added in
10. Two of the same guy right of Eaddy’s foot


OGRE CANOED (Code Orange)
VERY DEEPEST LOOM (Employed To Serve)
THE SHUTTING BOVINE (Nothing But Thieves)
BYE, MERE MATADOR (A Day To Remember)
I’D MET EERIE IVY (Every Time I Die)
LINK SPOT (Slipknot)
TEAM LILAC (Metallica)
HOT VIGILANTE (Tonight Alive)
GNUSENSORS (Guns N’ Roses)
SNITCHED TAPIOCA! (Panic! At The Disco)


Top line: Grave Pleasures – Motherblood, The Menzingers – After The Party, Queens Of The Stone Age – Villains, Creeper – Eternity, In Your Arms, Royal Blood – How Did We Get So Dark?
Bottom line: All Time Low – Last Young Renegade, Thy Art Is Murder – Dear Desolation, Deaf Havana – All These Countless Nights, Stray From The Path – Only Death Is Real, Linkin Park – One More Light


1. Metallica
2. Avenged Sevenfold
4. A Day To Remember
5. Waterparks
6. Parkway Drive

Posted on January 3rd 2018, 4:01pm
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