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Kerry King says Slayer quit too early: I hate f*cking not playing”

Legendary Slayer guitarist Kerry King clearly has some regrets about the thrash titans calling it a day in 2019

Less than two years on from their final-ever show, Kerry King has stated that Slayer retired too early”.

In a star-studded video celebrating fellow metal icons Machine Heads 30th anniversary this week, the guitarist expressed his pride at bands who make it to the three-decade mark – an achievement that Slayer also reached in their time. However, he then went on to say that, on the Slayer front, the band quit too early”.

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So, I hear congratulations are in order for my friends in Machine Head,” Kerry announced. Apparently, it’s 30 years, which is quite an achievement. Not a lot of bands get there… We did, and then we quit too early. 

Fuck us – I know. Fuck me. I hate fucking not playing.”

Watch the video below:

Before calling it a day, Slayer’s longtime manager Rick Sales admitted that he wasn’t sensing” a future reunion at all”.

Let’s put the touring to bed,” he said. I’ve got a couple of ideas [for future projects], but we haven’t made any decisions. Right now, they’re preoccupied with the end, and I imagine it’s emotional. It’s emotional for me.

They’ve been doing this for so long,” he added. They just said, Okay, this is enough.’

My analogy is Jerry Seinfeld, who had probably the biggest TV show when he went out on top. I respect the band for the decision. If you’re going to do it, this is the way.”

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Posted on October 13th 2021, 5:03p.m.
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