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Killswitch Engage Have Finished Recording New Album

Delayed, in part, by frontman Jesse Leach’s vocal cord surgery, the album is finally ready for a 2019 release.

Fret no longer, Killswitch Engage fans – frontman Jesse Leach has confirmed via Instagram that the band has finished recording their newest album, thus all but ensuring that we’ll see its release in 2019.

It’s been a tough year for the singer: this past April, Jesse underwent surgery on his vocal cords to remove nodules, and dealt with depression, anxiety, and full on mental breakdowns” throughout the rest of 2018. Though these setbacks would delay recording, Jesse credits KsE guitarist and producer Adam Dutkiewicz – his musical soul mate” – with helping him cross the finish line, patiently motivating him along the way. 

Check out the full post below:

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All vocals for the new @killswitchengage album are complete. Blood (actual blood), sweat, tears, more sweat, anxiety, anger, hope, love, frustration, passion and full on heartbreak are injected into every single word. Can’t wait for you to hear it when it’s all complete! Adam D is at the controls with more mixing, editing and arranging to do. I absolutely have to give Adam D a massive massive thank you for helping me more than any other record I’ve made. He is my musical soul mate and I don’t know what I would do with out him. This album wouldn’t be what it is without his determination and many many MANY hours of work. This process was the single hardest process I’ve ever had to deal with far beyond any album I’ve done, hands down. The sheer amount of material, my vocal surgery, depression, anxiety and full on mental breakdowns all contributed to the painstaking process. Adam was patient and motivating me along the way. The man is a total champion! Grateful to all of the guys in the band for their support. Stoked on their great and interesting song writing skills as well as just being patient with me. I believe the album has something for everyone who is a fan or digs what Killswitch is known for. I personally leaned a bit more on the heavier side of things, but we’ll see what makes the album when all is said and done. I’m looking forward to 2019 more than words can express. It’s been a super hard year for me personally as well as this album just haunting my thoughts and daily meditations. If nothing else I’ve given everything I have to this album. I truly hope my words on this piece of music are therapeutic, motivating and perhaps even inspiring for some of you out there. I know music is a huge part of my therapy and my life’s blood so it would be an honor to help anyone in anyway with the music we make. Welp...enough out of me I’m going to drink a few dark and stormy beverages by a fire and try to relax and enjoy the fact another album in my career is complete. Cheers and thank you ALL for your patience, it’s been a difficult (yet I hope rewarding in the long run) process. #KilswitchEngage #JesseLeach #SoulMetal #Hardcore #Metal #Rock #PunkRockMetalHead

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The announcement was followed shortly after by another that was, unfortunately, less joyous: hours later, Jesse posted again on his Instagram, informing fans that he and his wife of over 16 years, Melissa, would be parting ways:

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I am posting this to you all to let you know of the crossroads I have come to with my marriage. I gave as much as I possibly could until the end. After months of sorting through and facing down some serious emotions and truths Melissa and I have chosen to separate and divorce. This will come as a surprise or shock to many because we are such good friends and share a unique love that has lasted 18 years. However to most who only know of our relationship through social media the fact is real life is far deeper than a moment captured by a camera. That being said we will remain close friends and our love has not ceased it has merely changed its course. There is no bitterness towards one another, there is no malice or anger, it is simply an understanding deep enough to know when change is needed. Although this is not easy we both know deep down this is the path we must travel down. I ask you please not to bother or pester her with questions or inquire any deeper as to the reason for our split. Please respect our privacy and know that once again we are still connected as close friends and our love is still strong for one another. My reason for posting about this is to just make it clear as I am certain it will become quite obvious (some of you have already messaged me) through social media we are living separate lives. Also to prevent any speculation or rumors that may be sparked because of this. You heard it from me, this is the actual situation. My sincerest and deepest thanks for your understanding. Be good to one another and let love be your guiding light. 🙏🏼❤️ #ThingsFallApart

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Though it sounds like the split is amicable and both parties are on the same page, we wish them the best nonetheless.

Posted on December 30th 2018, 4:42p.m.
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