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Korn Drop Cinematic New Video As Part Of World Of Tanks Blitz Collab

Watch Korn’s video for Finally Free, which teases what’s to come from World Of Tanks Blitz’s new Halloween mode.

Bakersfield titans Korn have teamed up with World Of Tanks Blitz to launch their brand-new video.

The cinematic promo for Finally Free – which is taken from the band’s excellent 2019 album The Nothing – tells the story of a diehard Korn fan within the game, and, without spoiling anything, “sets the stage” for World Of Tanks Blitz’ new Halloween mode, Burning Games.

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I really like World Of Tanks Blitz,” enthuses Korn frontman Jonathan Davis. “It’s true to the era, there are a lot of great tanks in there and you don’t just jump on and start shooting. I think there’s a connection between rock and video games, because video games are intense and rock’n’roll music is intense. It seems like they have always gone hand in hand.”

Wargaming is no stranger to musical collaborations, having teamed up with Iron Maiden, Swedish metallers Sabaton, and punk rock outfit The Offspring for previous projects,” adds Andrey Ryabovol, Product Director of World of Tanks Blitz. “Korn is the perfect partner for our Halloween event, and we can’t wait for rock fans and World of Tanks Blitz players to experience this exciting collaboration.”

Speaking to Kerrang! last year about Finally Free, Jonathan revealed that the track was originally called Raped At Paramount.

We were [working] at Paramount Studios, I go home, and overnight the people working there got all fucked up and went into the studio and busted one of [guitarist Brian ‘Head’ Welch] Head’s guitars, strung our gear everywhere, and we came up with that name,” he explained. “You get your shit fucked with and it’s like being raped – that’s where that title came from. We made that motherfucker come back and face the band. I wasn’t there and my band’s more lenient than me, but I would have gotten up in that motherfucker’s face. The band were like, ‘We’ve all been drunk and done stupid shit,’ but I would have scared the fuck outta him – touch my shit and I’ll fuck you up. That song was one of the first songs I really got into and it was more about me losing [late wife] Deven. That was a hard one.”

Watch the video for Finally Free below, and download the free-to-play World Of Tanks Blitz here.

Posted on October 15th 2020, 4:00pm
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