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Korn Launch New Documentary Series

Korn take you inside their new live show in the first episode of a new documentary series

Korn have released the first episode of their new documentary series, which offers “a raw look inside [the band’s] year of The Nothing,” according to the YouTube description.

Featuring all five members of the band, the debut episode takes us inside their new live show, which toured across the United States this summer following the release of The Nothing.

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Guitarist Head describes the live show as “the best since I’ve been back in Korn”, while Munky says the band wanted “people to feel like they’re submerged in the artwork of the album” when they’re a part of the Korn live experience.

And it does look impressive, as the doc shows moveable LED boxes that illuminate and transform the stage, along with The Nothing’s wired man hanging above the stage.

“Every night the crowd’s in awe and they’re wild,” adds Head.

Within the doc, acknowledge their 25-year legacy, with Munky saying that he “can’t even express the gratitude” of seeing 15,000 fans every night at this stage of their career.

Munky and Head also discuss new track You’ll Never Find Me, how it gives them goosebumps and why it’s reminiscent of debut album track Faget.

Korn will be bringing their The Nothing tour to the European festivals next summer. Catch them on the main stage at Download festival on June 12-14, 2020, at Castle Donington in the UK. Get your tickets now.

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Posted on December 11th 2019, 10:19am
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