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Touring Laundry Specialist Says Slipknot’s Washing Is The Most Disgusting

Unsurprisingly, tour laundry specialist Hans-Jürgen Topf has revealed Slipknot’s boilersuits are pretty grim after a gig.

Slipknots washing is pretty damn disgusting post-show, according to tour laundry expert – and owner of the Rock’n’Roll Laundry business – Hans-Jürgen Topf.

In interesting but not-all-that-surprising news, the world’s top specialist in tour laundry says that, out of all the bands and artists he’s worked with and cleaned the garments of over the years, the Iowa metallers are by far the most gross. 

Given the task of washing the Knot’s boilersuits on tour, Hans-Jürgen Topf recalls to The New York Times that the band’s clothes were sprayed with beer, cream and fake blood, and left in garbage bags for three days”. 

Having travelled the world with the likes of U2, Madonna, Pink and Beyoncé, we’re not all that shocked that Slipknot’s laundry was the worst in his opinion. In fact, we’re actually surprised that he didn’t find anything worse than fake blood, given that percussionist Clown used to carry around a dead bird in a jar with him on tour…

Clown kept it in there for a long time,” keyboardist Sid Wilson once told Spin. We’d bring it out onstage and take big deep breaths out of it, see what death smelled like, have that inside you, gets you in that dark place. It would make you throw up immediately, vomit in your mask. He had it in there for so long it started getting this gelatinous liquid in the jar as it decayed. One particular show, early on in our career, when the bird was at that stage, Clown huffed it, I huffed it, I threw up immediately. But the O.G. Maggots, before we made it big, they were nuts. They were saying, Let us smell it.’ So we put the jar down there and they start pulling out this stuff and eating it! I think it was more disturbing for us. The kids were sicker than we were. They always had something to prove.”

Frontman Corey Taylor, meanwhile, also revealed that a member of Slipknot had two women piss on them. I can tell you that a person in the band, won’t tell you which one, was filmed in England on the floor of a shower area, having two chicks piss on him,” he said. It was definitely the strangest threesome ever. And it just fucking shows you how disturbed this band is that everyone was there, crew and band alike. It was definitely a very strange event.”

Sounds like you got lucky then, Hans-Jürgen Topf…

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Posted on January 24th 2019, 12:51p.m.
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