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Laura Jane Grace: “You Have To Refuse To Go Away Quietly”

In the six years since she came out, Laura Jane Grace says that trans people “live in fear” under Trump’s presidency.

In a brand new interview, Laura Jane Grace has told Kerrang! about her life against the backdrop of Donald Trump’s government actively trying to deny trans rights.

In a way, the fantasy of it all is wearing off and the reality is more present now,” she tells Kerrang!. “Maybe there was some complacency after eight years of Obama – feeling like that administration was acknowledging trans people and saying they had the community’s back. All of a sudden we’ve come crashing into the reality of Trump, where people live in fear, worrying that we’re not going to have access to healthcare or to hormones, and fearing discrimination and violence.”

I don’t know how to solve those things, but I know that I exist, I know that I belong, and I know that I have as much of a right to exist as everyone else, so what can you do?” she adds. “You have to fight for that and you have to refuse to go away quietly. You’ve got to remain visible and stand up for that.”

Laura Jane Grace and The Devouring Mothers’ album, Bought To Rot, will be released on November 9 through Bloodshot Records.

Posted on October 31st 2018, 12:30pm
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