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Linkin Park Have At Least One Unreleased Song With Chester Bennington’s Vocals

Mike Shinoda has revealed that Linkin Park have a song from their One More Light era featuring Chester Bennington’s vocals.

Linkin Park have at least one unreleased song featuring vocals by late frontman Chester Bennington.

The exciting revelation came from Mike Shinoda, who spoke on one of his many Twitch streams (captured via @LPLive on Twitter) that the band had a B‑side – which was co-written by Jon Green – from their One More Light era, and fans could well hear it one day… though probably not any time soon.

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Mike says: There was a song – a One More Light song that… we mixed more [songs] than [are present on] the finished album and we mixed a couple other songs just to see if one of them would make the cut or whatever – if we could use it for a B‑side and it was Friendly Fire.”

Of course, as well as having at least Friendly Fire in their archives, Linkin Park have also been working on new material.

Back in April, bassist Dave Phoenix’ Farrell said that the group were writing before the coronavirus pandemic, but he was also still working up ideas” and being creative at home.

At this point right now, I think globally we’re all doing a version of the same thing, you know, trying to stay home and trying to stay as healthy as possible,” Phoenix said.

For us, with the band, we’ve been kinda writing and doing that before this all started, so casually at this point we’re doing Zoom meetings to eat lunch together and say, Hi.’ But we’re not able to get together and write or do that whole bit. So working at home a little bit, working up ideas.

I’ve been playing a lot of drums, just to do something new – I’ve been doing that for the last year, year and a half, and purposely making as much noise as possible to create my own space in the house.”

This is all sounding extremely promising, then!

Watch Mike Shinoda talking about Friendly Fire below:

Posted on June 24th 2020, 10:40a.m.
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