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Listen To A New Avenged Sevenfold Song, Set Me Free

Avenged Sevenfold have just dropped a never-before-heard song from their Hail To The King era.

Things have been relatively quiet in the Avenged Sevenfold camp of late (save for the fact that they recently revealed their favourite albums of 2019), but the band are kicking off 2020 with a previously-unheard track, Set Me Free.

The Huntington Beach metal titans have unveiled the song while also confirming that it was actually recorded for their sixth studio album Hail To The King. At the time of its release in 2013, frontman M. Shadows said in an interview with Guitar Center that they went for a “very bare bones, riff-oriented approach” on Hail To The King, and it’s fair to say Set Me Free follows that very same musical idea, too.

It’s really easy for us to say, ‘That melody would sound great here, throw this background vocal here, here’s this harmony,’” he added. “We had to restrain ourselves from doing that just to keep it more badass and just more straightforward rock.”

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While it’s still extremely hard to predict if the band would want to take a similar approach when it comes to new music (given that their latest album, 2016’s The Stage, was so intricate), it’s nevertheless a brilliant feeling to have a fresh Avenged tune to listen to in 2020.

Check out Set Me Free below:

The lyrics are as follows:

There’s a calmness to the air outside
Watch the sun color the site of a morning sky
But all I see are clouds of darkest grey
A full eclipse to veil the start of another day

Hear the laughter as the children smile
Hold a newborn close and dream for a little while
But all I hear is death knock at my door
And think of painful journeys our young must endure

Set me free tonight
Set me free tonight
Set me free tonight
Set me free tonight

Touch the water with your own two hands
Let the freedom bell bring calm to a troubled land
But all I feel are my two feet in chains
I know the system, but I can’t figure out the game

Set me free tonight
Set me free tonight
Set me free tonight
Set me free tonight

Take it all away from me
Take it all away

Set me free tonight
Set me free tonight
Set me free tonight
Set me free tonight

Set me free tonight
Set me free tonight
Set me free tonight
Set me free tonight

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Posted on January 16th 2020, 10:31am
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