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Listen To blink-182’s Brand-New Album, NINE, Right Here

Happy new blink-182 album day! Listen to NINE in full right now.

The new blink-182 album, NINE, has finally arrived – and you can listen to it in full right here.

While you’ll hopefully have heard previous singles Blame It On My Youth, Generational Divide, Happy Days, Darkside and I Really Wish I Hated You already, there’s plenty more to unpack from the varied 15-song tracklist.

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As bassist Mark Hoppus has previously stated about the album name NINE (despite many fans believing it to be the pop-punk heroes’ eighth record): “This is our ninth album, as decided by me and Travis [Barker]. Some count Buddha, some not. Some count The Mark Tom & Travis Show. Some count Greatest Hits. Some count Dogs Eating Dogs. I’m counting Buddha, Cheshire Cat, Dude Ranch, Enema Of The State, TOYPAJ, Untitled, Neighborhoods, California and now NINE.

“Nine is also the number of universal love. And the number of Uranus. Remember to like and smash that subscribe button, or whatever it is the kids say now.”

Speaking exclusively to Kerrang! about the record, Mark also said that he wanted to return to the mentality of blink’s Untitled album.

“After playing in this band for 27 years, I want to push it and do different things and take blink to places where we haven’t been before,” he explained. “We’re really trying to do that on the new record. We want to do with our band what we did in 2003 with Untitled, where we take our foundations and go off in completely weird directions.”

Listen to NINE now:

Posted on September 20th 2019, 10:37am
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