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Listen To Ex-Paramore Guitarist, Josh Farro’s New Solo Single

Josh Farro also opens up about leaving Paramore and unveils his first single underneath his new solo project…

Former Paramore guitarist, Josh Farro, has released a brand new solo single, Cliffs.

Now performing under the guise of FARRO, the former axe-man has also shed some light from parting ways with Paramore. In an interview with Billboard, Josh said:

I don’t really talk to that many people, actually. We didn’t end on the best terms, but everything is cool now. It’s taken a lot of time. It’s like an ex-girlfriend or ex-boyfriend. My ex-girlfriends from high school, I don’t still hang out with them. It’s pretty rare that you’re like, Oh, we’re still great friends.’ Usually when you have a breakup, you part ways, although I wish it wasn’t like that. I strongly believe there will be a day where we’re sitting back and laughing about the past and everything. It just takes some time to heal from a breakup like that. I can definitely say from my end, there’s no hard feelings and I feel like that’s a mutual feeling from both sides.”

Posted on November 5th 2015, 11:37a.m.
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This is pretty damn cool.

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